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From: Ted Gay
Subject: Fantasy Island - Part 5(This is a fantasy. Always practise safer sex. All events mentioned in
this story are fictional or imaginary. Any real people mentioned are just
a part of this fantasy, and this does not imply they are gay, or would in
real life participate in any of the events depicted here, even in an
acting role.)I was feeling horny again, so I paid another visit to Fantasy Island, my
favorite gay sex club. This time I headed for the section marked:
`Police Station' to lolita naked y o see what went on there.As I walked thru the door, I could see the area was got up to look like a
British police station, with policemen in full uniform standing around.
Two had hold of a guy and were forcing him on to his knees. His hands
were handcuffed behind his back.`Are you thirsty?' asked a tall, dark haired policeman standing over
him. Without waiting for an answer the policeman unzipped his fly and
took out his big, long cock, aiming it at the guy's upturned face.`Open yer fuckin' mouth, this nice police constable needs to have a
fuckin' piss!' hissed the chunky, blond policeman holding the prisoner
down on his knees.The prisoner obediently opened his mouth, and the tall policeman started
pissing right into his mouth.`Swallow the nice hot drink PC Johnson is giving you, keep swallowing,
don't you dare spill any on our nice clean floor!' said the blond
policeman.As I watched the prisoner gulping down the piss as fast as he could, I
felt a hand come round from behind me and start groping me. Another
policeman had come up behind me and was now unzipping my fly, and I heard
him say: `This cunt's getting turned on, Serge! Another filthy fuckin'
queer we can play with.'The policeman now had my rock hard cock out and was wanking it, whilst
talking obscenities in my ear: `Watch him drink that nice policeman's
piss. Bet you wish it was your mouth being used as a policeman's urinal,
don'tcha, you fuckin' faggot? Keep watching, it may be you next!'It was all I could do to stop myself cumming as the policeman behind me
jerked my cock, and I watched the blond policeman stand up in front of
the prisoner and take his cock out. Soon two streams of hot police piss
were lolitas morenas mamadas hardcore
streaming on to the prisoner's face and into his mouth. As some of
it spilled down the prisoner's clothes and on to the floor, the tall
policeman kicked the prisoner and shouted: `I said SWALLOW! Don't
fuckin' spill any!'The poor guy on his knees swallowed twice as fast to gulp down the two
streams of golden liquid, and as the first policeman finished urinating
in his mouth, the blond one moved right up close and stuck his pissing
cock right in the prisoner's mouth: `Ah, what a relief! I've been
holding this up all afternoon. I'm pissing right down his throat,
Serge!'Finally he finished, but neither policemen put their cocks away. Instead
they started jerking off right into the guy's upturned face. First PC
Johnson spunked all over the guy's face. Then the blond policeman shot
his thick load right into the prisoner's open mouth.`There, now you've been fed and had your thirst quenched!' said the
sergeant behind the counter. `Take him to the cells, boys!'The two policemen put their cocks away and led him to the police cells.As I stood and watched him being led away, the police sergeant behind the
counter pointed to me and said to the police constable behind me:
`Right, nick `im!'I was excited, but thought I'd play along with the game: `You're
arresting me? What for? I only came in to report that I'd been mugged.'`Deserves you fuckin' right!' said the policeman behind me, as he
stopped wanking me and clapped handcuffs on me. `All queers deserve to
be mugged and raped.'The sergeant, who was only in his early 30s and had a #1 crop visible
beneath his cap said: `You're under arrest for watching an obscene act.
And for exposing yourself in a police station. Take him away, police
constable, he's all yours to do with as you see fit!'I was led away into a police cell, and then I was handcuffed on my back
to a lower bunk, the top one was empty. Then my legs were attached to two
iron rings on the supports at the bottom end of the bunk, and the
policeman sneered down at me and said:`Know where you are, son? This is the rape cell. I'm gonna break you in
for all the boys in this police station'. He then took his police
truncheon off his belt, and started prodding my arse with it. He went
over to a drawer, and got out a big tub of grease. Then I watched as he
greased up the truncheon, then my arse. Slowly he started to ease the big
truncheon into my tight hole. Slowly, slowly it entered me. It hurt at
first, but gradually I got used to it.`That's right, just learn to accept it. Take that big police truncheon,
we need to open up that arse for all the police cocks you're going to
get tonight. Starting with this one!' he said, as he put the truncheon
down, and unzipped his fly. Out popped the biggest cock I'd ever seen in
my life. It must have been 12" long and was very thick.The red-haired policeman wasn't even gentle with this monster weapon, he
just rammed it straight into my loli bbs pics girl greased arse. Even though I'd been
`broken in' by the truncheon, it made me yell out and my eyes were
watering as my arse was filled with his throbbing hunk of police cock.
Mercilessly he fucked me whilst shouting: `Take that, bitch! You're my
fuckin' bitch, understand! Now take it and stop whining! I'm gonna
fuckin' cum right up your fuckin' pussy cunt!'Screaming as he reached his massive orgasm, I felt his monster cock
pumping what seemed like a gallon of spunk into my arse. Then as suddenly
as he had rammed it in there, he took it out, spat on me and walked out
of the cell. But instead of slamming the door shut, another policeman
came in, and I saw there was a whole line of them waiting to rape me. In
all I counted 26 policemen, all in full uniform, who fucked me one after
the other. I didn't even see some of their faces.Then the sergeant came in with a little ladies loli nude glass of steaming hot yellow liquid. Of
course I knew lolitas morenas mamadas hardcore what it was. He removed my handcuffs and leg irons and sat
down next to my bunk.`One of the police constables thought you might be thirsty, so he made
you a hot drink.', he said, handing me the glass of piss.I took it nervously, and sniffed. It was definitely piss. But who's was
it, I wondered?`Don't worry about who gave it to you, just drink it!' ordered the
sergeant, so I took gingerly took a sip.`Drink it all down, and I'll tell you who was generous enough to
provide you with your nightcap,' he said.I drained the glass, and then the sergeant called out: `Come in, PC
Jenkins, he loved your piss.'I couldn't believe my eyes when in walked none other than Matt Damon,
dressed in British police uniform! He came over to my bunk and said in an
excellent British accent: `Did you enjoy the drink I gave you? Now would
you like to taste my spunk?'With that he sat astride my chest, took out his cock and started jerking
off in my face. I could see a big glob of pre-cum on the tip, and Matt
ordered me to stick out my tongue and taste it. I didn't need telling
twice. An electric thrill ran thru me as my tongue connected with this
handsome actor's pre-cum. It tasted delicious, and God, I'd just drunk
a whole glass of his piss as well without even realizing it!I nearly fainted, as he eased his cock into my mouth. `That's right,
suck my cock. You've tasted my piss and pre-cum, now you're gonna get a
load of my thick, sweet sperm. Keep sucking. I'm nearly there. Here it
cums!'With that, he shot the most delicious load of thick, hot spunk in my
mouth that I've ever tasted. I couldn't believe this was happening, but
there was more. I suddenly realized the whole thing was being filmed for
a porno movie. These were now so popular, that mainstream actors were
making porno movies for showing on satellite TV. People all over the
world would see me drinking Matt Damon's piss and spunk. Boy, would they
envy me!As my head reeled with all the excitement, pre-teen lolita nymphet sex
Matt sat down next to me, and
started jerking me off saying: `You loved the taste of my policeman's
load, didn't you? Show me how much you loved drinking my spunk and
piss!' Of course he brought me off in seconds, and I shot pints so hard
it lolitas movies pay sites splattered the bottom of the bunk above.Afterwards they took my address and promised to send me a copy of the
DVD, entitled: `Police Gang Rape' starring Matt Damon. They needn't
have bothered, it was on some of the horny gay cable channels a few
months later. I was just glad my mother and lolitas morenas mamadas hardcore father never watched them! I
realized, when I watched the movie, that Matt was the 10th policeman who
raped me whilst I was chained to the bunk. I'd been raped by so many in
quick succession that I didn't even notice one had been Matt Damon!What's more, I got to chat with Matt afterwards. `I'll give you my
autograph, unless you'd like something else to remember me by?' he
grinned. I got his autograph, a bottle of his piss to keep (I saw him
fill the bottle personally for me), AND I got paid generously for my part
in the movie.I keep the botlle labeled with his name in my fridge, and have a sip
whenever I watch a Matt Damon movie and have a wank at the same time.Fantasy Island really does make fantasies come true!(to be continued.)
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